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We get your money in your account in as few as 10 hours.  In most cases transactions are in your bank the next banking business day.  3- and 4-day waits are a thing of the past with our Rapid Payment System.  You having your money as quickly as possible is our #1 goal.  We are always striving to get it to you faster!!!

  • ​Give your customers a good reason to pay with cash.
  • ​No longer worry about processing fees.
  • ​Year-Round Cash Discounts for all customers.
  • Cash Discount programs are legal in all 50 states and no registration is required.

We give you the ability to accept payments on the go so you can get your money faster with our mobile payment options. With our auto calculations in our terminals, you no longer have to add the percentages to your tickets. 

We never charge a setup fee.  We include a free to use, State of Art, EMV credit card machine and/or free mobile card reader.  We also include free 2nd day shipping with all equipment.  Plus we have a unique to the industry Learning Management System for merchants along with our live training to show you how to use all of your devices.

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Dealing with over 35,000+ merchants and being associated with one of America's fastest growing companies for the last 5 years, it would be hard to imagine sustaining an A+ rating with the BBB, but we can say that we have!  One of the core values we have as business owners dealing with business owners is how we respond when there is a problem.  We will never be perfect, but will strive for it anyway.

We offer Wholesale Processing Rates.  These are the rates that are reserved for the larger National Chain stores.  Your pricing is equivalent  to retailers with 30,000 locations.  Most processors build in fees that they "may" not tell you about.  Our Go Fee Free Statement will have no hidden surprises.  If you haven't had a professional review of your statement, then you are probably paying too much.

Getting set up is simple and quick.  We have a simple document that our processing agents will call and fill out with you.  We will then send it to you to be electronically signed online. Retail businesses are normally approved and setup the same day.  Then we ship equipment at no charge to you.  Some business types may take a little longer, but our processing agents will talk to you prior to sending the application for your approval.

Wholesale pricing and the highest customer satisfaction in the industry!

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Technology today is changing at a daily pace.  Unfortunately, so is the technology that criminals use to commit fraud.  You need a partner that keeps up with technology and works with the best in the industry to prevent fraud in the future. Our partners are committed to being industry leaders and keeping our merchants safe.

  • Accept credit cards on your phone
  •  Free Chip Card Reader 
  •  Easy to use app
  •  Bluetooth option available

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Are you currently with a provider that makes it all confusing, making an 'apples to apples' comparison difficult?  Not an issue – get started by contacting us for your free cost analysis today!  Just click the button below.

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Accept Credit Cards In Your Store, On The Go, Or Online 

  • No setup fee for online processing
  • Eliminate 100% of your processing fees


Transparency in all phases of our business is critical to our success and your success.  We are committed to bringing you the right processing platform with the best rates that allow you to thrive in business.  That is why we are experts.  We back this up with our 180-Day Guarantee and our "no cancellation fee" commitment.  We never want to earn your business by locking you into a contract that is expensive to get out of!!!

If you are a business owner, big or small, you’ve most likely heard about the cash discount program in the merchant service industry. However, this program has come with a fair amount of confusion about what the program is and what it is not.  This is an amazing opportunity for the industry!  However, when choosing a partner for your cash discount program, it is crucial for both the service provider and merchant to properly educate themselves on the details.

A Go Fee Free program is a method of implementing a service fee to all customers who pay with electronic payments, such as credit cards or electronic checks, while providing a discount to those who pay with cash - in other word, Rewarding Your Cash Customers. Cash Discount programs are legal in all 50 states per the Durbin Amendment (part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Law), which states that businesses are permitted to offer a discount to customers as an incentive for paying with cash. 
With Go Fee Free, customers who pay with cash or store-branded gift cards receive a discount. Customers who prefer to pay with a credit or debit card will see a non-cash discount adjustment on their receipt. Surcharging is similar in that your customers help cover credit card processing fees, but it’s only allowed on credit card transactions and is prohibited in six states (Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts and Oklahoma).

It is also important to note that you are forbidden by Visa, MasterCard, and your processor’s rules to profit on a credit card transaction, which could happen if you accidentally charged more than you were charged by your processor. While many processors may offer a Cash Discount program, not all of them offer and utilize the compliant technology that is compatible with your terminals.

With our newly launched Go Fee Free Program, you can save big on credit card processing by shifting those costs to customers and offering discounts for anyone paying in cash.

1. We set you up with a terminal pre-programmed with the Go Fee Free program.
  Our Cash Discount specialists are available to go over the program details and benefits with you.

2. We give you the required signage to insure you are in compliance.  So your customers know how easy it is to receive a discount, all they have to do is pay with cash!

3. A 4% service fee is auto added to receipts and waived for cash paying customers.  No Math For You To Perform!!!
  The transaction shows up as a line item on customer receipts and clearly details whether it was a discount or a fee.  An example would be if you have a customer owe $100 for products or services you have sold them, then their receipt would show $100 for the sale and a $4.00 fee would be added to the transaction.  The banking day you would receive the $100 in your account and the $4.00 would pay the fees and our cost for providing the service.  You would get 100% of the sale price to keep!!!
4. Your business eliminates paying the credit card fees and thus increases your cash flow.  The credit card fees are passed along to card-using customers, which means you keep all of your money.

5. We take the 4% service fee and pay your processing fees.  At the end of the month, you will receive a bill that shows you owe nothing!

  • ​​Accept credit cards through a terminal
  • Free Pax S80 Terminal with faster printer
  • Accept Chip Cards and Apple Pay
  • Wireless and Wifi Options

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  • Accept credit card through a POS
  •  Featuring Clover Product Suite
  •  Over 200 apps in Clover Market Place
  •  Quickbooks Integration

We fight Visa and MasterCard to help businesses eliminate the INSANELY high cost of accepting credit and debit cards.

Let's face it, we know that in order for your business to run successfully, you have to be able to offer your customers the convenience of paying with a credit or debit card. We also know that the fees that Merchant Processors charge today are enough to make a company go out of business - and they keep getting higher. Let us help reduce and even eliminate your business cost of accepting card payments and reward your cash-paying customers at the same time. 

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  • Accept credit cards on your computer
  •  Free Virtual Terminal Setup
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  •  Process Recurring Payments

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Our contracts never have a cancellation fee.  In addition, we offer an unheard of Life-Time Guarantee.  If for any reason you are unhappy with our Go Fee Free service, we will switch you back to a traditional service at no additional charge.  Try it and if you don't like it, IT'S RISK FREE!!!

Available Payment Processing Methods

We will help eliminate your processing fees and it won't cost you a dime to set up.

  • ​We never charge you a set up fee.​
  • We offer next day funding.​

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